Processing of application

  • Submission

    You can submit your application maximum three months before your current permit expires. Please make sure to submit your application before your current permit expires.

    You must submit your application in person (if not stated otherwise) to the Immigration and Residence Authority responsible for your Austrian place of residence. 

  • Processing

    While different Austrian authorities process your application, you may hand in any last missing documents via email, if possible. The Immigration and Residence Authority then ideally provides you with approval.

    As long as you submitted your application for extension in due time, your stay in Austria is legal while the application is processed. This means that you can keep living and working in Austria!

  • Approval

    You will be informed about the approval of your application and a date for the pick-up of your new permit by letter or email. You will also be informed about the documents to bring to the authorities for the pick-up.

  • Pick-up of permit

Request for additional information by the authorities

In case any involved authorities needs additional documents to assess your application, you will in most cases receive letters. It is therefore important to check your mail box properly in the weeks after the submission! In case you receive a letter, make sure to provide the requested documents within the deadline. Generally, you can do this by email. Please make sure to use the reference number stated on the letter when sending requested documents. This will make it easier for the authorities to process your application.

Not yet received your extended permit but applied for it in due time?

Provided that you have submitted your application for extension of your residence permit in due time (meaning before your current permit expired), you are legally allowed to keep living and working in Austria.

Should you need to travel for an urgent reason while still waiting for the new permit, you can apply for an "emergency visa" ("Notfallvignette"). It will be stamped in your passport and confirms that you have submitted your application in due time. It works like a Schengen visa and allows you to move within the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days.

Do you have questions that have not been covered?

Our experts offer support before, during and after immigration and permit extension processes. We are happy to answer all your questions and to support you, your family and your Austrian employer every step of the way. As ABA Work in Austria has an official mandate by the Austrian Government, all our services are free of charge.

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