Changing your residence permit

If you already have a residence permit and there are changes in your purpose of residence or in your personal situation, you might have to change your residence permit as well.

When is changing your residence permit advisable or even mandatory?

Purpose of residence changes

Personal situation changes in a relevant way

Current residence permit is limited to a specific time and you decide to stay in Austria long-term


If you want to change your residence permit, you must submit your application in Austria to the Immigration and Residence Authority branch responsible for the region/city you live in.

Please prepare the following documents for your application in any case :

  • Passport
  • Current residence permit
  • E-card
  • Application form 
    filled in and signed – check the box for your new residence permit and “Zweckänderung”
  • EU passport photo not older than six months (with invoice)

Depending on the residence permit you are applying for, you will have to submit additional documents as well. In many cases, you will need:

  • Qualification documents
    e.g, university diplomas, evidence of previous employment, CV
  • Proof of housing
    e.g., rental agreement
  • Residence registration („Meldezettel“)
  • Your last three payslips
  • Your last three rent payments
    e.g., bank account excerpts
  • KSV excerpt ("KSV-Auszug") for adult applicants 
    • The Immigration and Residence Authority might request this official document that confirms whether you and your husband/wife/registered partner currently have any loans in Austria. If so, the authority will also request proof of regular loan payments.
    • You can order this confirmation online.
  • Documents from your future employer

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