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Starting employment

Once your candidate receives the residence permit, she/he can start to work for you.

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Your candidate’s first steps in Austria

  • As soon as your candidate receives the residence permit, she/he can start to work for you! Please be sure to register your employee properly. and need to notify your AMS branch. Please also be sure to keep a copy of your candidate's residence permit in case of inspections.

  • Should your employee have further questions about living in Austria (health insurance, education system, etc.), she/he may contact ABA Relocation Services anytime.

  • Should your employee have further questions regarding her/his residence permit extension, family reunification, etc., she/he may contact ABA Immigration and Residence Services anytime as well.

Extending a residence permit

Here are the basics of what you as an employer need to know about permit extensions:

  • If your employee has immigrated to Austria and received a Red-White-Red – Card or a Blue Card, she/he is bound to you for two years. Three months before reaching those two years, she/he can apply for a so-called Red-White-Red – Card Plus. With this permit, your employee is no longer bound to you as the permit provides free access to the Austrian labour market.
  • Your employee needs to submit the extension application before her/his current residence permit expires. Yopur employee can submit the application in the three months before the permit expires.
  • You as an employer are only peripherally involved in permit extension processes. You may be asked to provide the authorities with wage accounts (“Lohnkonten”), for instance.
  • It may happen that your employee does not have a valid residence permit for a short period of time. This situation can arise when your employee has submitted the extension application in time, but the authorities have not yet given their final approval. As long as your employee has submitted the application in time, she/he is still a legal resident in Austria. This means that your employee can keep working for you during that time, of course! Please make sure that your employee has proof of having submitted the application ("Einreichbestätigung") and keep a copy of it.

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