Preparing a Red-White-Red – Card or EU Blue Card application

A successful residence permit application requires several documents from your side as well as from your candidate's side.

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Documents you have to pepare

Austrian authorities usually prefer work-related documents in German. The following documents are needed from your side for the residence permit application:

  • Employer’s Declaration ("Arbeitgebererklärung")
  • Job description, detailed (either as a separate document or in the Employer's Declaration)
  • Information on the skilled worker’s classification according to the applicable collective bargaining agreement (details may be included in the Employer’s Declaration; alternatively: submission of the work contract)
  • Optional: Additional explanation about your candidate's eligibility for the job

Documents from your candidate's side

While you only need to prepare the documents listed above, your candidate must provide a variety of documents, ranging from proof of education, qualifications and profssional experience to several personal documents. If your candidate plans to immigrate with family members, additional documents will be required.

Personal documents

Qualifications-related documents

Documents that may be handed in later

Verifications and translations

Please remember that all documents that are neither in English nor in German must be translated by a court-certified translator. All personal documents must furthermore have certain verifications, such as apostilles or diplomatic legislations. Find out more about necessary verifications!

Submitting the application

There are two main options when it comes to submitting the application for your candidate's Red-White-Red – Card or Blue Card:

Please note
In both cases, your candidate must already have decided where in Austria she/he is going to live. This is because it depends on the future place of living (village, town or city) which branch of the Immigration and Residence Authority is responsible for your candidate's application.


Option 1: You as the employer submit the application

You as the employer submit your candidate’s application to the Immigration and Residence Authority in Austria in your candidate's name. Depending on the branch of the Immigration and Residence Authority responsible for you and your candidate, this is possible in person, via email or via postal services. We are happy to inform you about how to approach the application submission!

Option 2: Your candidate submits the application

Your candidate submits her/his application to the Austrian Embassy/Consulate in her/his country of residence. In this case, the application must be complete when being submitted, meaning that all documents need to be ready. No documents can generally be handed in later. Only once the application is complete, the Austrian Embassy/Consulate sends your candidate's file to Austria via diplomatic postal services.

We strongly recommend option 1 due to the overall faster processing time.

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