Processing of your application

Your application has been submitted and you are now waiting to hear back from the Austrian authorities? Find out more about the processing of your application and the next steps in your immigration process to Austria.

Would you like to find out which residence permit to apply for? Our residence permit check will help you find the best permit for your situation and will provide you with a customized checklist of documents and a personalized overview of your immigration process.

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Processing time

Once you have submitted your application, it usually takes several weeks for the Austrian authorities to process your application. If you have not heard back from them in eight weeks, feel free to contact us for an inquiry.

Request for additional information by the authorities

You have submitted your application and the authorities have now contacted you for additional information and/or documents? If you have questions regarding such documents requests by the Austrian authorities, feel free to contact us for help with an authority.

Change in your situation

Has something changed in your situation that might have an effect on your application residence permit? Have you gotten married, for instance, or has your job offer changed? In most cases, you will have to inform the Austrian authorities about changes in your personal situation while your application is processed. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact us for support with a change in your situation.


Negative decision

Have you received the message that your residence permit application has been denied? Are you not sure why your application was not decided positively by the Austrian authorities? Do you need help deciding if to appeal against this decision? Do you want to apply for another permit because your situation has changed?

Contact us. Get support from our experts.

Please feel free to contact us in case of questions or doubts. As we have a mandate by the Austrian Government, our services are free of charge.

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Positive decision

Have you received a positive decision regarding your residence permit? Great, we are happy to hear that! You can take now get ready for the final steps of your immigration process and for your arrival in Austria. If you need help or information regarding your relocation to Austria, feel free to contact us for our ABA Relocation Services.

Visa to enter Austria

If you need a visa to enter Austria and have received an invitation by the Austrian Embassy/Consulate to apply for your Visa D, you have to do so within three months of receiving the invitation email. If you do not need a visa to enter Austria, you can skip this information.

Documents for your Visa D application

  • Application form
    Visa D Application Form
  • Two EU passport pictures (not older than 6 months, with invoice)     
  • Travel insurance (valid for the Schengen Area, min. coverage € 30,000) 
  • Flight/travel reservation
    The estimated day of travel is the day your visa validity starts.

Only after the Visa D is printed into your passport, you may enter Austria to collect your residence permit within six months after receiving the invitation email.

See the next step for information on where and how to collect your residence permit in Austria.

Relocation to Austria

Do you want to know how health insurance works in Austria? Are you looking to inform yourself about the Austrian school system? Our own ABA Relocation Service happily provides you with information about life in Austria!

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