Finding a job in Austria

If you want to immigrate to Austria for the first time as a third-country national, you generally need a binding job offer or work contract with an Austrian employer in order to get your immigration process started.

Job offers on the ABA website

Austria offers a thriving job market with many opportunities for skilled workers in sectors related to IT, life science, and many more. While many vacancies require you to have at least basic German skills, others do not.

Advantages of job offers on ABA’s website are:

  • Austrian employers post job offers specifically targeted at international skilled workers
  • ABA offers the only Austrian job platform with a filter for job offers in English

ABA Job Platform

Recognition of qualifications

In some cases, you may need to have your professional qualifications (e.g., university diplomas, educational degrees) formally recognised so you can work in your field in Austria. In most cases, however, a recognition is not necessary!

Recognition of qualifications

Family members already living in Austria

Are you planning to immigrate as a close family member of someone who is already living in Austria, please see more information on family reunification. Find out if you are eligible for a special residence permit as a family member!

Family reunification

Establish a company in Austria

Do you plan on immigrating to Austria to establish a company there? Please see more information on residence permits for self-employed skilled workers.

Working self-employed

Relocation to Austria

Do you want to know how health insurance works in Austria? Are you looking to inform yourself about the Austrian school system? Our own ABA Relocation Service happily provides you with information about life in Austria!

ABA Relocation Service