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First steps in Austria

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Last steps concerning your residence permit

After having received approval on your residence permit application, you need to make a personal appointment with the Immigration and Residence Authority in Austria, if requested. Your residence permit is then printed, which usually takes one week. Only after having received your residence permit can you start to work!

Register in Austria within three days

You have to register in Austria within three days (“Meldezettel”) at the registration authority for your residence location. Generally, you will also need a copy of your Meldezettel in order to receive your residence permit.

How to register in Austria

Living and working in Austria

Do you have questions about living and working in Austria? Our ABA experts will continue to support you with any questions you and your family might have about life in Austria, such as:

  • Do my family and I automatically have health insurance?
  • How does the Austrian school system look like?
  • Can I change my job if I do not like it?
  • Where can I learn German?
  • Does it make sense to have a phone contract?

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Extending your residence permit

The period of validity of the Settlement Permit – Researcher is oriented to the particular hosting agreement (the agreed upon duration plus three additional months). However, it is valid for a maximum period of two years.  

Two years in Austria

After these two years, you can get a Red-White-Red – Card Plus (“Rot-Weiß-Rot – Karte Plus”) (link), which in turn gives you unrestricted access to the Austrian labour market. In this case, you are no longer bound to a specific employer and can freely decide whether you want to work as a salaried employee or on a self-employed basis.  

Less than two years in Austria

If you have concluded your research work and have not been in Austria for two years, but would like to remain in the country, you can extend your Settlement Permit – Researcher for a further twelve months for the purpose of looking for work or establishing your own company. In this case, you have to present the Immigration and Residence Authority with proof that you have successfully concluded your research work to get this extension.

Subsequently, you can only change over from the extended Settlement Permit – Researcher to a Red-White-Red – Card, a Blue Card, a Settlement Permit – Researcher or similar residence permits. You will not be allowed to apply for a Red-White-Red – Card Plus when you have the extended Settlement Permit – Researcher.

Relocation to Austria

Do you want to know how health insurance works in Austria? Are you looking to inform yourself about the Austrian school system? Our own ABA Relocation Service happily provides you with information about life in Austria!

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